What is the One Skill that Makes People Great Networkers?

Kevin Willett explains how great listeners make great networkers.

I get asked this question all the time and the answer is simple, great networkers are great listeners. When I think about the people, who I believe are successful at networking, they all have one trait in common they are great listeners.

Humor me for a minute and let me play a game with you. Think about the last networking event you went to where everyone was allowed to speak for one minute about their business. How many of the messages do you remember? If you are like most people, the answer is very few. This is because you were focusing on what you were going to say rather than what the others were saying. The people who do well with networking take the time to listen to each commercial (many take notes), so they know how to help the other group members.  If you want to be more successful focus on improving your listening skills and focus on helping other members of the group. I think you may be pleasantly surprised by the results you will receive.

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Kevin Willett is the Author of One Connection How you can grow your business  (and change the world) one connection at a time. The business networking book is available on Amazon. Purchase One Connection on Amazon

Kevin is also the CEO of the Friends of Kevin Networking Group  and the New England B2B Networking Group. Please connect with him on social media to hear about his upcoming business networking events.

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