Control your emotions

In today’s business networking tip Kevin Willett speaks about the importance of controlling your emotions.

I was disappointed in myself today because I lost my temper with someone. I received a call today from someone who wanted me to help him with something that just just wasn’t a match for me. The more I tried to say no the more he pushed me and finally I snapped at him. My friends this is never acceptable.

Think about this with me for a minute, if my name comes up at a networking event he is going to tell everyone that I was a jerk to him and snapped at him on the phone. I think we can all agree that is not the image we want. So please remember to do your best to remain calm at all times.

Check out today’s video networking tip to learn more. Business Networking Tip – Control your emotions

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One thought on “Control your emotions

  1. Well, the reality is that we’re all human and the good thing is the most people will realize when we are “not quite ourselves” and will forgive…but all in all, yes — I agree remaining calm is both a sign of “good manners” and “professionalism”. And if and when something like this happens, I have found thaat most people are kind and reasonable enough to accept an apology. Tough being human – but we are! Thanks, Kevin for this post.


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