Stop Reading Hidden Messages into Emails

I received an email from a potential client and it said that he was putting off joining the group for a few weeks, at least for now.  When I read the email, I felt that he was saying he had changed his mind. When I read it to Cheryl, she disagreed and said to me it seems like he will join once he solves his problem. Ok so now what do I do? Well, I picked up the phone and I called him and asked if I should follow up with him. He laughed and said yes Kevin, like the email said I just need a few weeks to clean up a few issues.

This exchange made me think about how often messages in emails get misread. In this case reading between the lines is not a good thing. When in doubt don’t respond by email pick up the phone and call the person to make sure that you are on the same proverbial page.

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