We Don’t Boo Bad Players

Kevin Willett talks about the upside of people not liking your business.

I was watching the France vs. Portugal football match yesterday. Early in the match Cristiano Ronaldo became injured and went to the side lines to try to recover. Each time he tried to re-enter the game the opposing fans booed him. The announcer said “remember we don’t boo bad players”. When I heard it I laughed and thought that is was so true. If you are a sports fan you always boo the best players on the opposing team.

I think this is also true in business. We have a tendency to boo successful people and businesses, especially if we see them as a threat to the success of our own business. So next time someone speaks badly about you and your business, rather than getting upset, take it as a compliment and remember ‘we don’t boo bad players.’

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