Why You Should Be Active on LinkedIn

Kevin Willett says LinkedIn connections can create great opportunities.

I’m constantly amazed by how many networkers aren’t active on LinkedIn. I see people spending a lot of money to join various networking groups, but never taking the time to connect with their fellow group members on LinkedIn. For me, LinkedIn is essential to my success. Whenever I’m considering hosting an event in a new area, I use LinkedIn to reach out to people in the networking groups in that area, to see if they’d like to attend. I’m stunned at how many of these people aren’t on LinkedIn, or if they are, they haven’t bothered to connect with the other group members.

My friends, if you fail to do this, you’re missing out on an incredible opportunity. By connecting with the people you know, you have a chance to see their connections and to link up with these new people as well. Now, I’m not saying just log on and connect with everyone your friends are connected to. If you see someone on LinkedIn who may be able to help you grow your business or vice versa, ask your common friend for an introduction through messaging. It’s quick and simple. So this week, take the time to work on your LinkedIn profile and connect with your friends and business associates to help you expand your network. Also please make time each week to monitor your LinkedIn account. This week I received a confirmation that someone had accepted my invitation to connect and I couldn’t remember who the person was because I had sent the invite over 3 months ago. I have many friends say “I am on LinkedIn but I never check it” please don’t make this mistake you may be missing out on great opportunities.

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Kevin Willett is the Author of One Connection How you can grow your business  (and change the world) one connection at a time. The business networking book is available on Amazon. Purchase One Connection on Amazon

Kevin is also the CEO of the Friends of Kevin Networking Group  and the New England B2B Networking Group. Please connect with him on social media to hear about his upcoming business networking events.

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