Are Your Dreams Big Enough?

Kevin Willett reminds you that your dreams are important.

I have been working on some new ideas for networking events, such as Speed Networking. I am amazed by how many people tell me “nobody wants to attend speed networking events, it is a horrible idea”. What I have found is, if someone does not like my idea, they will expand their opinion from they do not want to attend to nobody wants to attend.  Well, the first two speed networking events have sold out. So far, so good.

When someone offers me an opinion, I typically listen to it and then ask myself do they have any valid points? Just because someone does not like your idea does not mean that it is not a good idea.

I learned this lesson teaching entrepreneurship this semester. A student would tell me their idea and right away I would hear another student say ‘no, that is never going to work’. But they said it because; they personally, don’t need or wouldn’t use the idea. Please remember not everyone is going to like or need your idea. So don’t be discouraged when someone jumps in right away and puts it down.

I think there are two parts to this tip. First, please do not let people discourage your ideas simply because they don’t like your idea. Secondly, be careful with your words. Please do not discourage people. When someone tells me an idea they have for a product or service, I try to start with why I like the idea and then I mention concerns I have about it, to see if they have considered them. In some cases they have considered these concerns and do not feel it will be an issue. In other cases they have not, so we talk about how we can make sure their ideas will be successful. No matter what, keep dreaming.

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