You Look Great

Kevin Willett says that compliments can be awkward when you don’t know all the facts

Please be cautious about complementing people on their weight loss, not everyone is trying to lose weight.

I have a friend going through a horrible divorce and he has lost a ton of weight because he is heartbroken. People keep complimenting hi on his weight loss. He told me that he just wants to say ‘thanks for the complement on my weight loss, maybe my wife should have left me years ago’.

I have another friend who is sick, and he has lost a lot of weight because of the chemo treatments. When people comment he smiles and says, ‘the chemo is working out great’.

Do you see how awkward things can be simply because you are trying to complement someone? For some reason many of my friends are obsessed with weight and commenting on who has lost and gained weight. Please keep those comments to yourself unless you know for certain that the person is trying to lose weight, then of course you should congratulate them on their success.

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