How Entrepreneurship is Like a Road Race

Kevin Willett says it doesn’t matter where you are in the race, as long as you are in it.

Last night I was coming home from a networking event and I drove past a road race. There was only one person left on the course and you could tell that their pace was way slower than the other runners. As I drove past that person I started to feel bad for them, until I remembered a post I see on social media all the time that says regardless of how slow you are running, you are still lapping everyone sitting on the couch. That made me smile. Think about how often we say I need to get in better shape, I want to start running, but then we never do. This person found the courage and strength to sign up for the race knowing that they would probably be the slowest runner and finish last.

This made me think about how Entrepreneurship is like a road race. We often find ourselves comparing our business to others we think are more successful than we are. We really need to stop doing that. My friends, there will always be people more successful than you, ahead of you in the race. The key is that you are it. Next time you are tempted to compare yourself to them, I want you to think about all of the people who wish they had your courage to go out and start their own business and take a second to be proud of yourself.

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