The Importance of Time Management Skills

Kevin Willett thinks everyone can benefit from time management

This semester I am teaching a class at the University and one of the topics is The Importance of Time Management Skills. A great topic, because students often struggle with managing their time. When I was preparing for the class, I realized that my friends who struggle with their business often have poor time management skills. Here are a few suggestions to help you manage your time.

  1. Are you a morning or a night person – I am a morning person. I do my best creative work early in the morning so I plan my day accordingly. I have some friends who are creative at midnight. It doesn’t matter when you are creative just schedule your creative tasks for that time.
  2. Remove distractions – I have checked my phone three times while I wrote this tip. Please close your social media accounts and put your phone out of your reach when you are working, it will greatly improve your productivity.
  3. Schedule your tasks on a calendar – I like to schedule all of my tasks on a calendar, allocating time for each one. Sometimes I will work too long on one particular task and it will throw off my whole day. By scheduling a set time for each task, it makes me more aware of how I am spending my time.
  4. Most important thing first – I try to ask myself two questions. What is the best use of my time right now and how do I make money. By asking myself these questions I am able to stay focused on what is important.
  5. Be flexible – sometimes you may have to change your whole calendar because something came up. That is ok just please don’t let it happen every day.

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