Yes, But

Kevin Willett says to find the courage to do something and then be proud of it

I recently had a friend send me an invite to like her business page on Facebook. When I did, I sent her a message congratulating her on her new business. She replied ‘yes I do have my own business, but it’s just a corner in another store’. I quickly called her and said please do not say ‘yes but’, you should be proud of yourself for actually starting a business. I see this happen all the time, I have friends who start businesses and when I ask them about it they say things like “yes, but it’s small and I only have one client” or “yes, but I am only doing it part time”. My friends, being small or doing it part-time is ok because you actually started a business. Do you know how many people are reading this who would love to start a business but won’t? I guarantee it is a lot of people.

Now, I understand that many of us have responsibilities and families that we have to support, so we need a steady job with benefits. For people wanting to start their own business but think they can’t, when I suggest that they start it as a side hustle by getting up earlier or staying up later they laugh and say they need their sleep. I always smile and say well maybe you don’t really want to own your own business then. If you want to start a business you have to ask yourself what you are willing to give up to find the time to start it. Are you willing to sleep less, watch less TV, or spend less time with your friends? If the answer is no then entrepreneurship is not for you. I hope this tip gives you the courage to start today.

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