Do They Need My Services?

Kevin Willett reminds you not to take a narrow view on networking.

Last week I invited a person to attend my networking events because there were a few people attending that particular event, that work in his industry, who I thought would be good contacts for him. He responded by asking me if they needed his services? I said I am not sure and there is no way to know until you meet them. I reminded him that just because they are in your industry doesn’t mean they will absolutely choose to do business with you. You need to build a relationship with them.

Sadly, I see people make this mistake all the time. Networking is about building relationships with people. Not everybody in your industry will do business with you. They may already have an existing relationship or they simply might not connect with you. Even so, it is good to meet them as you never know what the future may bring.

More importantly, I feel that the person is taking to narrow of a view about networking. Many people focus on the people attending, and only attend the event if they feel those people are good potential clients. Please remember that you want to focus on building relationships so that the person will feel comfortable enough to introduce you to their friends and clients, because that is what will help you grow your business.

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Kevin Willett is the Author of One Connection How you can grow your business  (and change the world) one connection at a time. The business networking book is available on Amazon. Purchase One Connection on Amazon

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