Be Aware of Cool Kid Syndrome

Kevin Willett says it’s not cool to be disrespectful

Have you ever been at a networking event and the person you are talking to is scanning the room to see who else is there? Have you ever had someone interrupt you in the middle of your conversation to go speak to someone else? I call this Cool Kid Syndrome. Sometimes people will only speak to you until someone cooler comes along. Please don’t do this! It is very disrespectful and it will hurt your brand.  Nobody likes to fee disrespected or uncool.

I sometimes have trouble paying attention to people so I try to position myself so that I am facing the person with a wall behind them so I am not tempted to get distracted. It may seem silly, but it allows me to focus on the person I am speaking to. You should try this approach if you find yourself getting distracted when speaking to people.

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