Are You Giving Up Too Easily?

Kevin Willett not to assume you know the answers when you haven’t asked the questions

Sadly for me the answer to this question is often yes. I was reminded of this fact yesterday. I was going through some contacts, to invite them to events, and I came across two people. The first one I had invited to events about six months ago and the second one was a former client. When I saw their names I said to myself, I really don’t think they are interested. I was tempted to skip over them but I caught myself and said ‘stop making decisions for people, reach out to them and ask’. Of course the first person said they wanted to come to events and the second person said they wanted to renew their membership. Now if I didn’t take the time to reach out I would have missed out on the opportunity. So next time you are tempted to make decisions for people and not ask them to do business with you, please catch yourself and ask them! You never know what can happen.

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