Do You Have a Business Card?

Kevin Willett says the condition of your business cards matters.

I found myself in an interesting position this weekend. I was at the grocery store and I ran into a friend who told me he was trying to get his friend to join my networking group. He asked me for a business card so he could have his friend contact me. Sadly, I had three cards in my jacket pocket and all of them were badly damaged. One actually had a piece of hard candy stuck to it! Luckily I had cards in the car so I was able to solve the problem.  Unfortunately, I see people pass out damaged cards all the time. Please think about the messages you may be sending. When I get a damaged card I think this person doesn’t pay attention to details and they are pretty frugal if they think it’s ok to pass out a business card that had a piece of hard candy stuck to it. Is that really the image that you want to provide?

Simple solution is to purchase a few business cards holders so that your cards always look good. Now please take a moment to look at the business cards in your wallet, pocket, purse or wherever and throw them away if they don’t look good.

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Kevin Willett is the Author of One Connection How you can grow your business  (and change the world) one connection at a time. The business networking book is available on Amazon. Purchase One Connection on Amazon

Kevin is also the CEO of the Friends of Kevin Networking Group  and the New England B2B Networking Group. Please connect with him on social media to hear about his upcoming business networking events.

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