Where is the Line?

Kevin Willett wonders where the line is between persistence and annoyance

Yesterday I was having a discussion with a friend about how often you should follow up with people who have expressed an interest in being a client. Where is the line between being persistent and being annoying? I told her that I usually invite people three or four times, and if they don’t respond, then I send them one final note, simply saying ‘please let me know if you are interested in attending events or being a client’. Sadly, this doesn’t always work. People may still not respond and so they get removed from the invite list. Sometimes, I’ll run into them months later and they ask why I haven’t been in touch. I tell them they never got back to me! Often you hear people say it can take between seven and ten touches before someone does business with you.

So my question to you is how often do you follow up with people? I would be interested in your feedback.

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