What Will You Be Wearing

Kevin Willett says when in doubt about dress code, just ask

I know this tip seems silly and you may be asking yourself if I have run out of tips, but, every now and then this does come up. Last week I met a guy for coffee and he showed up wearing a suit, because that was how I was dressed when we met at my networking event. He was a little upset with me because I was wearing jeans and bright orange sneakers for this coffee meeting. He said the only reason he wore his suit was because he thought I would be wearing one. The meeting got off on the wrong foot and never recovered from him feeling like I slighted him by dressing casually. Again, I know this tip may seem silly, but when in doubt message the person and say that you will be dressed casually, and they should feel free to dress the same way. Now of course you can never go wrong being overdressed. You can always remove your tie in jacket if you like, but you cannot make your jeans and a polo shirt turn into a suit and tie.

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