It Takes Time To Build Your Dream

Kevin Willett says connections are a two way street and cannot be made on a drive by.

I had someone call me the other day because a friend of theirs said they should speak to me about my networking events. This person says to me “Just to be clear, I have tried events in the past and have never received even one referral from the people at the event.” When she said this I just chuckled. I hear this comment a lot and my response is always the same; How many of those people did you do business with or try to help out? The answer is typically none or maybe one of them. So why did you expect them ALL to do business with you?

Please remember is takes time to build your dream. My friend just celebrated his one-year anniversary in business, and he said all the networking he has done is just starting to pay off for him. Most people give up way too easily. It takes time for people to get to know you and learn if they like and trust you.

What I call drive-by-networking simply doesn’t work. You need to consistently attend events to build relationship with clients and potential referral partners. So please be patient and do your best to build that trust by sharing your knowledge and contacts freely. Help and work with others as much as you want them to help and work with you.

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