Let’s Talk About Your Profile Picture

Kevin Willett says a picture is worth a thousand words and one of the most important of those words is likability

Last week I was viewing some social media profiles and I came across perhaps the angriest looking profile picture I have ever seen. Now this person would be perfect for my networking events, but I was hesitant to reach out to him because of his picture.

Now you might think that is silly, but as we all know, we tend to do business with people we know, like and trust. What does your profile picture say about you? Do you look likable? I know some people like to use a serious picture so that they come across as a professional, and I can respect that, but there is a fine line between serious and angry. Please be sure that you don’t cross that line because it may be costing you business. Your profile picture is sometimes the first thing that people see. Make sure your picture is updated, complimentary and comes across as you being a likable person.

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