The Advantage of Cancelled Appointments

Kevin Willett agrees that when opportunity knocks, you should answer the door

I got up today and checked my calendar for the days’ appointments, ready to confirm and get the day going. My very first one cancelled. I must admit, this threw me off. My day was planned, it was a breakfast meeting, now what? What am I going to have for breakfast now? What do I do with myself until the next appointment? You wouldn’t mind, but I had a whole list of things I needed to get done, so my mind should have automatically gone to the first thing on the list and started there. This should be thought of as an opportunity!

We can spend a lot of our day wasting time. Waiting for a call, waiting for an appointment to show up, etc. What are we doing while we are waiting? Scrolling our phones, looking at facebook, maybe playing a game. Let’s use this time to be more productive. OK, I am not suggesting that we don’t take a few minutes to ourselves throughout the day. We all need that. But, when we add up all the time between things, it can be quite substantial! Let’s try to utilize some of that time better. Maybe you can make your workday shorter by doing that. Maybe that will be one less task that spills over into your weekend.

The next time you find yourself waiting or with a cancelled appointment, try and fill that gap productively.

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