It Is All About Forgiveness

Kevin Willett says not to be quick to anger when someone stands you up for a meeting.

This week one of my friends forgot that he had agreed to come to a networking event with me. When he realized his mistake the next day, he sent me a note to apologize and did a LinkedIn video about the importance of keeping your promises to build your brand.

My friend made an honest mistake and I admire the fact that he was hard on himself for letting me down, but we all make mistakes. All we can do is apologize and move on.

I often see people post on social media that they are upset because someone did not show up for an appointment and left them waiting in a coffee shop. My advice is to always ask before you yell. Sometimes legitimate things happen. Recently, I was supposed to meet with someone and their mom had a heart attack that morning.  When someone doesn’t show up for a meeting, I email them and say that ‘I thought we were meeting today, I just want to make sure that you are ok.’ Could you have imagined if I yelled at the person whose mom was ill for not showing up?

My friend is correct. It is important for your brand to follow through on your promises, but please be quick to forgive those who make an honest mistake.

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