Who Do You Use?

Kevin Willett has many reasons for referring different people, whether he personally has used them or not.

My friend is a CPA and he told me that one of his networking challenges is when people ask ‘who do you use’? He feels that it can be challenging to refer someone if he himself isn’t personally using them. That is a great point. Here are a few reasons you might want to recommend someone, even though you personally may not be using them.

  1. Location – I have friends who prefer to use businesses located in their town to support their fellow business owners.
  2. Needs – Not everyone needs a CPA to do their taxes. If you are a high school student working a summer job scooping ice cream, you may be fine using a local tax preparer to do your return. This goes for other industries as well. There are different levels of expertise in a lot of fields.
  3. Price – Many people are price conscious, so that will often be a factor.
  4. Risk tolerance – I am friends with a few CPA’s who are super aggressive about deductions. If that bothers you then they may not be a match for you. Again, likewise in other professions as well, styles can vary.
  5. Personality – Personality plays a big role in who I do business with. I like people who give me straight answers in a timely fashion.

As you can see there are many reasons you may recommend someone besides who you personally use. I think it is important that you explain who you are recommending and why, so that people don’t feel like they are just getting a generic referral from your networking group.

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