Please Do Not Be Mad At Me

Kevin Willett says that in business as in life, compromise works for everyone.

I received an email this weekend from a person asking to meet me for coffee. When I told him that I could meet him in about six weeks, he emailed me back saying that if I didn’t want to meet him, I should just say so and not lie to him about my schedule being so full. I then made it worse and told him that if he wanted to talk sooner then we could schedule a video chat. Sadly, that just made it worse. His response was ‘what are you too important to meet me in person’?

Please understand that sometimes the people you want to meet with are super busy, and they are not trying to hurt your feelings by asking you if they can video chat with you instead.

Time management has become my biggest challenge. When I combine teaching with hosting twenty networking events, I often struggle with having time to do everything I need to.  Because of this I do have to think twice before I agree to drive more than 30 minutes to meet someone in person. Please understand that I am not trying to hurt your feelings, I am simply trying to grow my business. So rather than get upset about it, how about you offer to meet half way. That would be a big help and start off a business relationship on the right foot.

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