Why Did You Post That?

Kevin Willett says online outbursts are never a good thing and can hurt your business.

Social Media is a power tool. It is also a great source of information. I was talking with a friend about trying to help struggling job seekers find work. Some of them are struggling because of the posts they do on social media. Posts about controversial topics like drugs, politics etc. could be potentially harmful in their job search. Some people are blatant and feel that they have a right to post whatever they want and anybody who doesn’t like it can stop reading and go away. What if the person that doesn’t like it is a potential employer? Now they have lost a job opportunity.

This works for business owners as well. Just as employers are scanning social media to find out what they can about potential employees, customers/business referral partners may be scanning to find out what they can about you before doing business with you. You may have a pristine business page but post a hateful rant about one topic or another on your personal page. If your personal page is accessible, you may just have hurt your business. Going negative or being controversial does not help your business. Yes, you have a right to your opinion. I believe that 1000%! But others have a right to be offended and choose not to do business with you. My best advice, tone it down on social media. Speak calmly and professionally if you have something you must say. Rants and negativity only come back to hurt you in the end. Need to get something off your chest? Talk to a friend, spouse or associate, not to potential unknown clients via the internet.

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