Kevin Willett says to think about what you are asking for

If you know me, you know I like free swag. I love being a walking billboard for small business. This happened by chance, being a professional networker, people often gave me tee shirts, sweatshirts, hats, etc.  Now if I see a business on social media rocking their company gear, I will tell them to send me something to wear in my next video or online post.  Now, while it may be OK to ask for free swag, it is never OK to ask for free services.

I do a lot of social media promotions for my clients. I have had non-clients ask me to do promotions for them. My clients pay me to promote them, that is how I make money. How can I do that for someone for free? My clients would not like that! I have also had potential clients say they would join my networking group after I got them a few clients. Again, why are you asking me to work for free? I wouldn’t tell my accountant I’ll only pay him if I got a refund. I wouldn’t ask a realtor to sell my house for free because we are friends. If you are asking me to work for you for free, would you work for me for free? Think about that before you ask for free services. It does not come across well for you and may harm your relationship with a potential referral partner.

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Kevin Willett is the Author of One Connection How you can grow your business  (and change the world) one connection at a time. The business networking book is available on Amazon. Purchase One Connection on Amazon

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