How Much Is Too Much

Kevin Willett says helpful/educational posts are better than a sales pitch.

I had coffee with a friend last week and she asked me my opinion about promoting her business on her personal Facebook page. She was concerned about upsetting her family and friends by posting too often about her business.

I have a few thoughts on this subject. First, please understand that your friends and family do not see every one of your posts unless they go on your wall and read them. Secondly, I think it is always about adding value and educating people. My friend sells skin care products. If she does a FB post saying ‘hey if you suffer from dry skin in the cold weather, you should consider using these types of products’, to me she is sharing knowledge that can help me and I do not see anything wrong with that.

I am not a fan of people sharing posts saying that their upline has challenged them to find 4 people to host parties this month. I am also not a fan of posting the same message on your wall every day that basically says buy my stuff or use my services. These posts are not helpful to the reader.

I just believe it is more effective to educate people about your goods or services before you try to sell to them.

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