When is the Best Time to Network?

Kevin Willett says keep the momentum going

My answer to this question may surprise you. I think you should network when you are busy. I find many people stop attending events when they get busy because they tell me they do not have time. When I ask them why they are so busy, they often tell me that its from meeting people at networking events or from referrals from attending events. If that is the case, why would you stop?

Now I understand you may have to be more selective about the events you attend, but you should continue to attend events to keep your pipeline active and avoid an eventual decrease in your business.

I see a lot of people only attend events when things slow down. The challenge with doing this is it takes time to build and rebuild those connections. It is super easy for people to forget about you when the don’t see you. That is why I believe you should network when you are busy.

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